Good quality lighting is at the top of the list for bigger yields and here at EHG we stock an extensive range of indoor grow lighting from all the major brands such as Gavita, Century, Maxibright, Sunmaster, Phillips, the list goes on. We can supply the home grower everything they need to get growing lush and healthy specimens in no time. Ranging from 150w, to the powerful 1000w units, these are mainly used for heavy flowering plants due to the intense light they produce. HID lighting produces a considerable amount of heat, just be sure to marry up the correct bulb and reflector to your chosen power pack. CFL bulbs and T5 units are completely different, running cooler and requiring no external ballast making them a great option for rearing young or over wintering plants due to the lower intensity of light produced.

  LED units are coming into their own now due to cool operating temperatures allowing users to scatter them in-between HID units providing plants with that much desired added spectrum. LED units do get used as the only light source by many growers, if this approach is adopted and no HID lights are being used please remember that most LED units run considerably cooler than HID lights and optimal temperatures must be maintained. If unsure about any aspect of your lighting choice please feel free to give us a call.

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